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  • ​​​Everything You Need to Know about Nutrition
  • ​​​Explanation of Calories & Energy Balance
  • ​​​How to Work Out Your Calories
  • ​​​How to Track Calories & Macronutrients
  • ​Tips & Guidelines to Stick By When Tracking
  • ​​How to Really Lose Body Fat through Nutrition
  • ​​Macro-Friendly Meal Ideas
  • ​​Sample Meal Plans (1.4K - 3K Calories)
"The results I've seen are incredible. I was 245 lbs and now I'm 217.  The key thing is just controlling & learning about your macro's.  Adam tells you how to personalise everything based on your activity levels, height & weight, then gives you a plan to suit whatever your goal is." 
- Harry Delahunt, Real Client
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