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  • ​A Clear Formula to ​Improve your Physique, Fitness & Mindset
  • ​​5-Day Full Body Training Schedule
  • ​Full Day-by-Day Walk Through 
  • ​Resistance/Weights Training, Cardio & Ab Finishers
  • ​​Personalised Nutrition Strategy
  • Single Sets, Supersets, Trim-Sets and Quad sets 
  • ​​Essential Terms Explained Simply (TDEE, Macros, & Much More)
"One of the best things I ever did was start training with Adam. I met Adam when I was 3 months pregnant and I wanted to stay in shape while I was pregnant. I had a goal to lose 2 stone & I did.  I was lean, I was stronger, & I’ve never looked back."
- Amanda Scouter, Real Client
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